Going Freelance

Exploring the future of work

I am Samuel Durand and with another French student from Grenoble Ecole de Management we chose to explore the future of work during our gap year. For the last six months, we have been traveling in 13 cities in the world over 3 continents in order to meet those who are inventing new ways of working. 


Through more than one hundred meetings, we exchanged with freelancers in order to understand their motivations, their needs and hear about their tips to succeed. We met with companies used to work with freelancers to learn more about their best practices. We also met with the ecosystem created around gig economy: coworking spaces, communities, services for freelancers, platforms.

We have been sharing our learnings on our blog through articles and videos and in the end by releasing the study report.


We are now back in France after hours of discussions over the last months and very optimistic considering the future of work. Some players already have adopted methods that will soon become the norm.

Now that I have studied plenty of the best practices on the future of work topic, I am spreading them out through speaking at events and within companies. I am also working as a consultant to adapt the best practices to one’s business. I still discover everyday people shaping the future of work that I try to enlight through writing.

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