Work in Progress

A Future Of Work Documentary

After addressing the topic with the learning expedition study report, this new project aims to highlight the different alternatives available to individuals wishing to give meaning to their work. Through an initiatory journey, I am once again exploring the Future of Work but with a much wider definition now.

More than the documentary itself that will be available next winter, we'll share various contents along the way: a series of 10 interviews, backstage videos and articles... 

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The documentary will be first shown during a preview tour in France and in Europe. If you want to get your invitations as soon as they're available, leave your email below.



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Six amazing companies involved in the Future of Work topic have joined me on this project. They will be by my side until the documentary is broadcast and we'll share a lot of content together during the next few months.

Make sure to visit their website if you don't know them yet and to try their services out if you ever need anything.